Measure M

The C/CAG sponsored Measure M, approved by the voters of San Mateo County in 2010, impose an annual fee of ten dollars ($10) on motor vehicles registered in San Mateo County for transportation-related traffic congestion and water pollution mitigation programs. The revenue is estimated at $6.7 million annually over a 25 year period. Per the Expenditure Plan, 50% of the net proceeds will be allocated to cities/County for local streets and roads and 50% will be used for countywide transportation programs such as transit operations, regional traffic congestion management, water pollution prevention, and safe routes to school.

Measure M Implementation Plan

Measure M Annual Report FY13

Measure M Annual Report FY14

Measure M Annual Report FY15

Measure M Implementation Plan FY17-FY21

Measure M 5-Year Performance Report FY12-FY16

Measure M Annual Report FY17 & FY18

Measure M Annual Report FY19

Measure W

In 2018 the voters approved Measure W, a half-cent sales tax for transportation in San Mateo County.  The San Mateo County Transportation Authority will manage fifty percent of the measure.  Currently, the agency is determining how to best evaluate projects so that those of greatest merit are priorities for future funding.  You can learn more about the project and upcoming community meetings at www.smcta.com/StrategicPlan.  Please take this short survey to let us know what matters to you!  Survey original closed on June 30, 2019 but has been extended to August 5, 2019.