San Mateo County Express Lanes Policy/Program Manager

The newly formed San Mateo County Express Lanes Joint Powers Authority (JPA) is seeking an independent Policy/Program Manager (PPM) that will work with the Executive Council to provide policy and program advice to the JPA Board, as well as develop and oversee the implementation of these policies and programs. The full text of the Request for Qualification/Request for Proposal (RFQ/RFP) which details, amongst others,  the  duties, scope of work, qualifications, and required submittals may be viewed at:

RFP-RFQ for San Mateo County Express Lane Policy-Program Manager

Questions submitted by applicants

Responses to the RFQ/RFP are due NO LATER THAN 4:00 p.m. on Friday July 19, 2019 to:

Jean Higaki

Program Director

City/County Association of Governments

555 County Center, 5th Floor

Redwood City, CA. 94063