Board of Directors

City/County Association of Governments of San Mateo County (C/CAG) deals with issues that affect the quality of life in general; transportation, air quality, stormwater runoff, hazardous waste, solid waste and recycling, land use near airports, and abandoned vehicle abatement. C/CAG provides a unique forum for the cities and the County to work together on common issues to develop cost-effective solutions. The Board consists of 21 members with one from each city (20) and the County.

Time: 6:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Location: 2nd Floor Auditorium
San Mateo County Transit District
1250 San Carlos Avenue
San Carlos, CA

Upcoming Meetings

2019 CCAG Board Calendar

November 14, 2019 
coming soon
December 12, 2019 
coming soon

Past Meetings

October 10, 2019 
Additional Meeting Materials: 4.1_A1_International Walk to School Day posters, 5.2 AmendmentNo1_ParadigmEnvironmental_101019, 5.3 A2 PG&E CW2276600_-_CO1_CWA_C12898, 6.4 PP RHNA Cycle 6_CCAG_Oct10_2019
Presentations: 6.1 CIWMP
September 12, 2019 
Additional Meeting Materials: 5.2_A2 Grand Jury Report - Crystal Springs Trail, 5.3_A2 Grand Jury Report - Waste Management Challenges, 5.6_A2 CCAG Investment Policy 2020 - Draft, 5.7_A2 BAIFA TA SMCELJPA and CCAG agreement, 5.11_SR Agreement for CBPP Update_Toole and CCAG, 6.4 - Reach Code Letters of Support
Presentations: 4.1 Commute_Org, 4.2 County of San Mateo Proposed Disposable Food Service Ware Ordinance, 6.2 Draft 2020 STIP, 6.3 Sub Region RHNA, 6.4 Reach Code
July 11, 2019 
Additional Meeting Materials: 5.2 Attachment - Funding Agreement with JVSV, 5.5.1 Web Only_Task Order and Scope of Work EOA-07 FY 2018-19 general, US-101 Mobility Action Plan_CCAG Board 071119, 3a_ProcurementContracting_Update
Presentations: 4.1 US-101 Mobility Action Plan_CCAG Board 071119, 6.2 SMCTA Strategie Plan 07119, 6.3 Advancing California Finance Authority, 6.4 Sub-Region_CCAG_July11
June 13, 2019 
Additional Meeting Materials: 4.2_SFO_ADP Presentation 2019 CCAG, 5.2 CCAG_SB743_0512219_fully exec, 5.5_A1_TaskOrder_19-20_EOA_08_Amendment_1_WebPosting, 5.5_A2_TaskOrder_19-20_EOA_09_WebPosting, 5.5_A3_TaskOrder_19-20_EOA_10_WebPosting, 5.6_A1_TaskOrder_19-20_LWA_05_WebPosting, 5.7_A1_TaskOrder_19-20_SGA_05_SOW_WebPosting, 5.9_A1_Exhibit A - FY 19-20 BASMAA Dues & Projects, 5.15.2 A2 TFCA FYE 2020 Agmt_Commute_final_Clean, 5.16.3 A2 TFCA FYE 2020 Agmt_Samtrans_BART Shuttles_final_Clean, 6.3 Attachment - CalRecycle CIWMP Report Template, 6.6 A5 Final Budget CCAG FY20, 6.7 A2 First Amended and Restated Joint Exercise of Powers Agreement of the San Mateo County Express Lanes JPA, 5.11_ A2 _KITS 3-Yr Maintenance FY20-22, 5.14_A2_Alliance CRP Agreement FY 2019-20_final, 5.16.1 A2 TFCA FYE 2020 Agmt_BAAQMD Pending, 6.4 DOH Coop Agmt Housing Presentation
May 24, 2019 Joint Ad Hoc Committee On 101 Managed Lanes Project - 1250 San Carlos Avenue, San Carlos - Gallagher Conference Room, 3rd Floor (10:00 am - 12:00 noon)
Audio Recording
May 9, 2019 
Additional Meeting Materials: 4.1 Walk_and_Roll_to_School_2019, 5.2 A3 TDA Article 3 FY 19-20 Capital Project Application Form, 5.2 A4 TDA Article 3 FY 19-20 Planning Project Application Form, 5.3 A2 DNV GL Contract, 5.3 A3 DNV GL Contract Scope of Work, 5.6_ Draft North Segment Express Lane Cooperative Agreement, 6.1 A2 SB 50 amended as of 5-1-19, 6.3 A1 Draft PBA 2050 Project List, 6.4 A4 - Draft Budget Book for CCAG FY19-20 Program Budget
Presentations: 4.2 US 101 I-280 Managed Lanes, 6.3 PBA 2050 Board 050919
April 11, 2019 - 6:00 p.m. Regular C/CAG Board Meeting, SamTrans Bldg, 2nd Floor Auditorium, San Carlos, CA
Additional Meeting Materials: Item 6.2 - Review and Approval of Reso 19-22 Authorizing CCAG Chair to Execute the JEPA for the SMC Express Lanes Between CCAG and TA
April 11, 2019 - 6:45 p.m. Annual Retreat
Presentations: CCAG Retreat 041119 Slides
April 5, 2019 Joint Ad Hoc Committee On 101 Managed Lanes Project - 1250 San Carlos Avenue, San Carlos - Gallagher Conference Room, 3rd Floor (8:30am - 10:30am)
Audio Recording
March 22, 2019 - C/CAG Board of Directors and Legislative Committee and Home for All
Additional Meeting Materials: CASA Compact, 21 Elements Analysis of the CASA Compact, CASA MTC ABAG presentation, CASA 21 Elements presentation, Workshop Summary - Table Discussion and Public Comments
March 22, 2019 - Joint Ad Hoc Committee On 101 Managed Lanes Project - 455 County Center, Rm 402 (4th Flr.), Redwood City, CA
Audio Recording
March 14, 2019 
Additional Meeting Materials: 5.3 A2 - SRTS Amendment 2, 5.4 Agreement with SMCOE 19-20, 5.7 A1 - JOC Program Feasibility Study_FINAL Report_12-21-2018, 5.8_ A3 Dft CBTP Contract with attachments, 6.4 A2 PBA 2050 Full Guidance, Caltrain Business Plan Update, 5.9 A2 Funding Agreement w Menlo Park Pending, 5.11 A2 Agreememt w Kimley Horn_Draft 190314
Presentations: 4.2 Caltrain Business Plan Update, 6.3 101 Managed Lanes Groundbreaking Handout Final, 6.4 PBA 2050 Board 031419, 6.5 Community Wildfire Safety Program Overview_San Mateo County_20190314
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Board of Directors: Roster


Maryann Moise Derwin, Portola Valley

Vice Chair:

Marie Chuang, Hillsborough

Staff Contact

Sandy Wong, Executive Director

Office: 650-599-1409


Mima Guilles, EA / Clerk of the Board

Office:  650-599-1406


Agency Representative Alternate
Atherton Elizabeth Lewis Cary Wiest
Belmont Davina Hurt Julia Mates
Brisbane Cliff Lentz Madison Davis
Burlingame Ricardo Ortiz Emily Beach
Colma Diana Colvin John Goodwin
Daly City Roderick Daus-Magbual Raymond Buenaventura
East Palo Alto Lisa Gauthier Regina Wallace-Jones
Foster City Sam Hindi Herb Perez
Half Moon Bay Debbie Ruddock Harvey Rarback
Hillsborough Marie Chuang Shawn Christianson
Menlo Park Catherine Carlton Betsy Nash
Millbrae Gina Papan Reuben Holober
Pacifica Sue Vaterlaus Deirdre Martin
Portola Valley Maryann Moise Derwin Ann Wengert
Redwood City Alicia Aguirre Diane Howard / Diana Reddy
San Bruno Irene O’Connell Rico Medina
San Carlos Adam Rak Laura Parmer-Lohan
San Mateo Diane Papan Joe Goethals
San Mateo County David Canepa Dave Pine
South San Francisco Karyl Matsumoto Rich Garbarino
Woodside Ned Fluet Dick Brown
San Mateo County Transportation Authority Karyl Matsumoto Emily Beach
San Mateo County Transit District Josh Powell Karyl Matsumoto